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Apostle Helen Mayers   


 “I will answer by Fire”

“My East winds have been released”


I have seen and I have heard, I have justified and I have glorified. Think not to reject my word in this season but embrace my touch by the power of my words to you. I will cause your light to shine brighter through the coming years and I will open new territories for you to explore for the advancement of my work placed into your hands. I see the unsettledness of those carrying my great assignments in their hearts to proceed forward with their course uninterrupted? Levels of deception and destruction have come to transport doubts, fears and mistrust among each other. I will remove the hinges that bind you and are speaking on your behalf by fabricating utterances against you in what you have been assigned to execute.

God is saying do not let your guard down in this season and make preparation for your soon to be harvest. Prepare for your harvest spiritually for the unwanted invasions of demonic activity will raise attacks against you like you have never seen before. Know that I am the God that devours and anything that will come up against you I will subdue so that their hands will not be able to perform their enterprises, injustices and calamities against you.

Your work will be rewarded and your hands will do much extraordinary things within the course of this year, for I will fill them with the passion of your God and allow them to experience a miraculous overflow both economically and financially. You will lend in this season as my fire prevail over you and direct you to offer up too many that are in much, much need. I have seen the diligence of some of my leaders, coupled with the love they have showered towards my people and I will bless them and direct my fires to restore back to them everything that have been stolen and destroyed by the enemy of their calling. The alarm has been heard and rewards will proceed in the lives of those that I have called to service.

Keep writing your vision for there is much more to be added in the coming years. Every provision has already been provided for my people. Be not afraid, stay in my word and you will walk out every promise that I have prepared for you. I will stir the hearts of men and women I have called to lead, to recognize error and to renounce its activities within my house. There is much lack in the homes of many and the spirits of deception have diminished the hearts of my people not to believe and trust in their God.

I will not be silent and I will send my East wind also to break, to bring, to remove and to demolish all activities that are not of me. Men have gone cold and are misrepresenting my name as there are various myths that have gone out to replace the wisdom and knowledge of your God. My ears have heard the rumors of many so my fire must come forth to purify and cleanse those in my house. This is necessary for bending and shaping my people so that the true essence of my glory can be revealed and I can be glorified in the midst of the congregation. My house has gone cold and my Holy Spirit is not in many of their called out services. Many are being fooled and derailed off from the course of their journeying that I have set before them. Is it right that the worship be impure in my house? Who then shall be saved?

When I the Lord your God pour out my anointing upon my people you shall all be changed in an instant, but my priests are failing me but know that I will raise up men and women that will seek my face and understand my heart in all things and bring my thoughts to my people who need to be taught my word. Not to be distracted from it but to apply and walk out my word for the edification of the church. Taken from my word I will admonish all people to read, study and meditate on the written word in (Eph. 4:11-12) (KJV) And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ”:   Is it not right that the saints be perfected by those whom I have called to lead? Is my work being done in my house? Is my work being progressed through the lives of my people? My work has been left unattended and therefore the edifying of the body of Christ is hindered. My work must edify, my work must not take away from my people rather it must give addition to one’s life.

I will have my people read my word in this season for my fire and winds have been released. The written word in (Ezekiel 19:12-14)  (KJV) But she was plucked up in fury, she was cast down to the ground, and the east wind dried up her fruit: her strong rods were broken and withered; the fire consumed them. And now she is planted in the wilderness, in a dry and thirsty ground. And fire is gone out of a rod of her branches, which hath devoured her fruit, so that she hath no strong rod to be a scepter to rule. This is a lamentation, and shall be for a lamentation.” - This will not be a time where you will hide or run away from the wilderness experience to escape the windy storm and tempest for I will subdue you and bring you into the place where my cleansing is taking place.

Greater things are appearing and my people must be prepared to direct and instruct those that are lost and need the warmth of the father’s love. I desire many to go for me and many that will answer to me as I anoint them to pursue and be victorious in all things. My oil has not run out and I will continue to anoint my people for my service in the earth. Miracles are going to increase as I use those who are sincere and believe in their God for these signs and wonders to be performed. I will release them for they are already stationed in the land. Do not be fooled by the dress you see, for what you think you see may not be of my hand and my doing. I will give you eyes to pierce through the spirit realm like that of the eagle and will increase your discernment so that I can reveal my purpose in those that I have instructed and sent out. I have sent them out to impact and enable the change that is required in the lives of my servants.

Legal papers are going to be admitted and released for the benefits of my people. Those documents that have been held up for years will begin to be addressed by my hand for immediate release. It will not be held up any more for I the Lord have spoken it this day.  I have heard and seen the cries and tears that are crying out in the lands and I will send help and will raise up the governmental arm of each government to pursue and upturn the areas of my choice with debates and deliberations for the just causes of my people. There are many things that I will allow them to change and implement for the good of the nations. My council and wisdom I will administer like never before because of the many changes that will be coming. My fire will consume those things that do not represent me and as the call of many for change is increasing I have heard and I will answer.

Joy is in the nation but calamities will increase. My intercessors must continue to seek my face and pray against all sudden movements of the evil one seen or unseen. Victory is imminent for hearts are faithful in the land. Amidst much pain and suffering I can and will deliver in these days as faith is lifted up before me.  I will let changes be applied as Drivers must be alert on the highways and byways as dangers are about to increase further if rules and regulations are not addressed in a timely manner. Laws must be changed by those in authority to not prohibit but to allow everyone the equal opportunity to embrace the laws of the land by being licensed for the safety of all.  This will limit the dangers on the road and I will speak into the hearts of those in authority so that changes can be implemented speedily.

Immigration will change but not by man’s anger and determination to hurt and demoralized others. Instead I will turn the hearts of men and turn them in my direction for the changes that heaven will be in agreement with. Children will increase at the borders of America and a law will be introduced in the year and beyond this year that will allow my people who are here from 10 years and upward to be brought out of the dark of which I rule and enter into the light where they rightfully belong, for it is by my hand they are led to this land of America and I will provide for them for I have heard and seen their hardship endured for resettlement. When this law is established it will be the law of the land and many shall rejoice and praise my name.  Canada will take a lead in the debate for settlement like America and they will carry the torch of goodwill and generosity towards a dying world. I will bless their nation greatly and I will allow its leaders to be honored so that all can see and testify that I have heard and I have answered.

Turkey and Istanbul will run into much chaotic controversies in the first half of 2019 into 2020 and an attempt to assassinate one of their leaders will dramatically fail due to a mechanical error that deployed off the grid.  Russia will call out America in a plot to hack their intelligence and it will stir heavily in the operation of business as usual. A growing concern will be discussed because of this lack and America will be caught up in a battle of errors. Another controversy will show forth when someone from this nation leaks top secret military information for gains with a foreign nation. This individual will be caught and court martial proceedings will commence. It will stir a great uprising in the land and breathe a cause of much mistrust.

Watch for Germany’s currency to begin to fluctuate on the world market and there will be changes in the governmental rule of governance of that Nation.  There will be unrest in London and Buckingham Palace will be on high alert for a period of 2 weeks within these years of 2019 into 2020.   As this unrest breaks out in the capital some investigative measures will seek to impede a hearing on how new laws and engaging terrorists are dealt with in this nation and beyond.

I am elevating all my chosen vessels to a higher place and will allow them to develop open ears for hearing the rains in their season falling from heaven. When this takes place do not doubt yourself but know you have heard right. You will speak of peace and pronounce in my name and I will increase my anointing for you to prophesy the word of God to my people. My anointing will not be limited in this season for the fire and the wind has come to better lives, to change courses, to enlarge territories and to remove the debris of life that has bound my people for so long. For this purpose my people will be challenged beyond measure to pursue their God in greater dimensions through much prayer and fasting and seeking my face constantly.

Do not lose hope but seek it and find it as your father has purposed it for you and your loved ones. Let not the glamour of life dissuade you from serving your God for whom Jehovah has called he will anoint and appoint and none shall be diverted from the lord your God.  China will experience a great disaster which will allow them to reposition their thinking and world views on climate control; with skillful and strategic planning they will find ways and means to remedy the situation at hand. Pray for the Guatemalans for the task master is at hand suppressing the land. Much more volcanic eruptions will arise. The nation will be under my watch and my care.

Keep seeking me and I will advance you and promote you to the calling that I have called you to function in. Let no one dissuade you but rather humble yourself and let my leaders teach you the things that you need to learn and know that I your God am with you and will never leave you.  

The Muslim community will suffer a great loss of life to one of their leaders and the nation of America will mourn with them showing solidarity when this has occurred.  The storms are coming in areas where you will least expect them to show forth their winds and speed. Alerts will be everywhere and precautions will be alerted for many to find safety. I will protect and shelter all.  The winter season of 2020 will be a rough one to be recorded in the history for some states as they battle the cry for climate change to be recognized and believed.

The Gun violence will increase and new laws will be implemented for a stricter gun law regulation but it will backfire due to an uprising and sales will decrease immensely causing much dissatisfaction in the body that is associated with the implementation of its laws.  Many more deaths will occur in these United States of America and parting will be difficult as some will be prominent men and women well known in the nation of America. Yet joy and laughter will be in the hearts of mothers and fathers whose sons and daughters have been released from the prisons that held them for so long. My justice will arrived for many, so celebrate and rejoice as you purpose to worship and call on my name.  And even my servants that have been without for so long, stagnated and demoralized in the process of their journeying, I will release them all from all their bonds and hardship and bring them into the inheritance that I have promised them and they will be now in a position to give back for what they have received. Rejoice my people!! - Greater has come!! Prove your God and delight in my ways for all men to see. Is it not written in my word?

1 Cor. 2:9

 "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the 

  heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

In this fire that I will release, I will increase knowledge and understanding will come for many. Goals and dreams will be realized and jobs will be released for many. Believe people of God, for your streams of income has come and even with the winds from Heaven I will open the rivers for you and I will pour out blessings upon you and your family and the river will bring the gifts and talents you will need and add to the necessities of life you will need to survive in this dying world. When that time has come be reminded to give back and pray for one another.  Setbacks shall not define you nor will the arrogance of men justify you. I will reveal more and more so you can always be in your place of preparation. The doors that are opening by the power of my winds will take you to higher heights and my anointing I will increase over you for the victory of others.

I will answer in this season by fire and by wind and I will burn off and re-establish for my delight. The time for your upliftment has come and your East Wind has come so do not be alarmed by its intense dryness and severe winds for it is all in my divine will for you to destroy and rearrange, resettle and transform all that is broken and immoveable. It is a time I will remove everything that is in the life of my people so that their promotion, elevation and success shall take its rightful place where it belongs.

Build and keep building, for the foundations must be proven and strengthen for the continued work to be reinforced upon.

The Word of the Lord

                                                                        Received January 1, 2019

                                                                     Apostle Helen Mayers 



The Year of the Shaking (Conformation)

 (The shape or structure of something)


There is a new divine whirlwind governing the heavens and it shall have great intensity through much concentration for God’s true intercessors to arise in the lands like never before. This will be a year for much, much shaking, cleansing and praying before the Father for the assignment of the Lord must be established before the Nations afar.

The forked tongue of men shall arise like never before with much errors and justification falsified to lure and to enslave the saints of God. These times have been written for you and have been taught through my Word what is to practiced and what manner it is to be displayed, for this will offset the pa-rameters which will allow the surplus of demand for this error to thrive; but I will raise up my Intercessors like never before in this season to rule in the spirit world and to commune with their God; For surely they shall hear my voice and follow my instructions as the uniting in the spirit world will allow them to excel so that the just causes of the Lord can prevail.

My angels will I send with my instructions attach to them to enable a people that is crying out before me. I will advance their causes and I will signify my delight in the solving of their situations. Be diligent my people and suffer your pride to move out of the way for this breakthrough to come to you as this is my design for your life.  Let not your hearts be troubled for you will experience the divine visitation of the Lord that will enable your hearts and minds to continue to trust and believe.

The days are shorter but the work you do is longer, know this that this day I your God will release you of the burdens that you carry in this regard to have an improved and honorable life. The destroyers are at hand and the deceptive spirits are arisen in the lands. You must not be gullible in this season regarding the choices and decisions that you make but rather seek me and you shall surely find me as I have promised and I will give you the rest and peace that you need in finding the answers to your everyday needs. Jobs were created by my hands for ease but wickedness is trying to take the place and re-positioning the thoughts of my people. Do not fall into this trap and snares created by the enemy of your soul, but rather remember that you are in authority so speak as your God will have you to speak and resist this stronghold.

Many are making those mistakes even right now and accounting it to me but this is not the making of your God. For the things that I do will not lead you to damnation but will in the process lead you to overcome and survive and live to tell of my wondrous acts. Forces will continue to try to bring you to a place of defeat and so understanding must first come so that the enemy of your life does not think that you are in agreement of its deceptive stronghold. Allow me your God the full access of your life and cease from leaning unto your own understanding, knowing that you are mine and I am yours and I will deliver you. I see and I know what is good for you and the things that are against you and I will vindicate according to my desire.

Let me be in control and never supplicate your life as if for a morsel of bread because of fear and unbelief; for I see in the spirit world, lines upon lines of people standing with their hands stretched out as if begging for food, and God is saying no towards this. It’s almost like a substitute to distract one’s ability to truly trust in their God who is the only provider and supplier of all good things that we need. Even I will instruct and empower you to know the difference and that I am in the midst of you and your situation says God. My people will not attain the positioning as one begging for a morsel of bread to engage the deceptive spirits that lurks to destroy their spiritual walk.

The elevation of many will be dis-appropriately rejected and despised but they shall not escape my disdain of their sanctuaries that they have instilled in the earth to suppress and to smother my people to lose hope. Know that I shall surely send forth Leaders and they shall repair the damage done to my called out ones and as surely as the thing that I willed shall come to pass, many will not be in leadership who will not follow after me for I will expose and chastise those who are in resistance of my rule of law concerning the governing of my people.

There is much repentance that will take place in this year of conforming and there are those who are waiting to point a finger to say “Aha……I told you so” Be aware for I will judge the outpouring of mouths that are opened up because of my plans and I will even protect all those who are in bitter remorse when such a time as this comes and take place in the land.  The earth has trembled and I have heard. China, Bangladesh, Africa and nations will come and cry out afar and their turmoil will reach into the hearts of men. Much despair and calamities will hit these nations and I will put wise councils within the United Nations (UN) in the coming months that will come to their aids with strong words of after much deliberations.

The Mongolia nation will suffer loss of lives after an uprising hit the nation’s capital with a compromised being reached after many lives have been taken and lost.

My people let the Spirit of the Lord allow you to “Fan the flames” of your life. "Fan the flames" and you will discover that even I your God am always ever present in the midst of the flames. Did I not say you will not get burn? Indeed you will not and even when the flames are intensified I will also still be still there with you.

Oh… if only my people would believe. Truly I will bless them and make their lives fruitful and running over with prosperity at its side. Only believe. My heart cries out for my people for many have been led astray because of their wants and have settled for less in the process. The belief I require is within you people of God, and it can only be released through the power of my Holy Spirit that is within you and the very happiness you yearned for I can make it available. Never give up hope and allow your faith to stand in the process of your seeking.

America will undergo the surgeon’s instrument for change and a deep cut will allow the nation to bleed from its effects concerning its checks and balances. Much increases with marches and freedom of its rule of law will not go unnoticed. It is I who has set up the government to rule and it is I who will govern through them for my divine purpose. The unrests will rise like never before in this Nation and voices will be heard from the four corners of the earth regarding the implementation of rules that will antagonize many. I will not sit by silently for much longer and I will set down those who will choose to rise against my order in the land. I will shield my people and I will allow them to feel my presence and to know that I have not forgotten them.  Some laws will be implemented and some will not materialized or go over the lives of men. Freedom is a liberty that all men can find in this nation of America and is not to be compared to the freedom that heaven can provide for all. I am still on my throne and I am governing the earth to bring peace to those who are calling upon my name.

The Vatican will suffer a grave loss of life. Many will mourn and I will be with them in the loss of this dear life.

In this year of conformation the lips of men will rebel and raise up their voices but none will hear them and the pride of their hearts will suffer great defeats on all sides of their life for I will conform my people to be in preparation for the years that are to come. Only those that are obedient will receive from my hand and will enrich them with long life with good health and many will see and recognize the God of whom they worship. How long will the people rebel? and how long will they shy away from responsibility? They have lifted their voices in error and misrepresented their God. I have heard many voices that have no faith to believe but yet have justified their request for a response that is not from me.

The excuses that men have made and are still making to the justification of their hearts are yet to be in agreement with heaven’s design. My will is not for man to make excuses but rather that men will have mercy and compassion to all. My tests have proved fruitful in the lands before the beginning of time and I am indwelling in man for the sake of man’s growth and development. I see the poor and the needy man left unattended and my heart is grieved within me. My intercessors will "fan the flames" with the help of my Holy Spirit over them in this season and I will raise up even more faithful intercessors for my leaders throughout the lands and they will not be tarnished by errors but will serve with vigor and honesty with spiritual awareness attached for the penetration of the spirit world. This is the work that I have laid down for my Intercessors at large.

“Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace,

whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:  

For our God is a consuming fire.”

(Hebrews 12:28–29)  KJV

Who will go for me? Who will raise the standards for me? and who will weep for me? My called out ones I will anoint and empower them and I will allow them to be seers in the spirit world and their eyes shall behold the glorious things I will reveal to them and they will protect and serve my leaders with great wisdom and insight. The gratefulness and the commission that I will repay to them are too much to mention.

The Churches will go through a dry season like never before for I am testing their discipline and their faithfulness towards the congregation. In this process many will fall away and move in a different direction because of a lack of trust. The misrepresentations of many will be noticeable in the land and many will be misguided and unresponsive for the change that is required.  Tell my prophets that I shall surely speak to them to spare not one of the churches that have gone in the way of self and seek in the process not to rebuke the people. For I will speak and I will send them forth to warn of this great move that I need, so that the purification and cleansing of my sanctuaries can begin to rid everyone of self and deprivation of my people. I am not pleased with the management of my children for their tears and sorrow has been coming up before me. I will extend mercies unto the leaders, if only they will adhere, for pride will surely be in the way of ruling and resolution for many. Who shall survive from the blows of the Lord’s anger? Surely I have put up with your tyranny long enough and will reprove for the sake of my servants who are calling me for the justification and balance that is greatly needed in the earth.

The overwhelming sympathies shall be flowing over this nation of America for a long time and the injustices shown to neighboring lands will be experienced to the point of ridicule with pain and sorrow attached to it. How long have I stood by and called men unto me and still they will not hearken? And how do I judge when they have turned their backs on their God and give up their faith? Surely your God will deliver but I shall punish and chastise because of my sovereignty.

Egypt and France will undergo (3) attacks simultaneously of each other two will be discovered by the Intel of Government, but one will have no previous Intel data from which to draw from and will delude even the skilled and trained one. Is it not the hand of God that is merciful and will save? The nations will be protected by my hand and I will allow them to gain the victory over the wickedness that has targeted their country.

A change of government will take place in England and Switzerland and power will be reassigned to a ruler of the choice of the people. With this change will come many new and forceful events that will reposition the minds of those who are living in those nations.

Global warning will never be embraced by many and much recall will stand in the way of such progress. Two (2) major storms are turning eastward towards the "Eastern world" hemisphere with much impact and bring much devastation. This will occur within the coming years of 2019 through 2022. Many will be warned but many will abstain from the warnings and will suffer much, much loss.

Two major families of world religion (Christianity and Islamic) will seek to exemplify themselves over each other’s religious differences between the East and the rest of the world. Peace will try to govern but war will emerge in the hearts on both sides. I will lift up a mediator between them with my wisdom and council that will lead a people out of harm’s way for the honor and glory of my name. Keep watching my people for the signs and times that are before you, much will continue to be unraveled and understanding will prevail.

I will shake things around your life so that your foundation will be firmly established by my hand and you will be able to receive the new anointing that I will pour out upon you. When you receive this new anointing you shall receive with it the depths of my Shekinah glory for the Glory of my name; and I will allow you to flow in the prophetic realm with this anointing and prophesy the language of heaven in the congregation of the people.

                  “And when all the children of Israel saw how the fire came down, and the glory of the Lord upon 

the house, they bowed themselves with their faces to the ground upon the pavement, and worshipped, 

and praised the Lord, saying, For he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.”

(2 Chronicles 7:3)   KJV

The Word of the Lord

Received January 1, 2018

Apostle Helen Mayers



 “The Year of Miraculous Promotion and Transition”


The Nation is in my hand and the repairer has taken over to reprove and renounced the calamities that lies ahead. The journey for some will be with ease and comfort and yet for some it will be long and perverse. I am putting things in place for the prayers of the Saints for I have heard them and I have allowed understanding to captivate the minds of those who desire to hear and obey my voice. The hardening of hearts will be as a scorch to many and their demise will be of me says the Lord.

This Nation is under my care and control for I am the Lord your God and there is none other than me. It is I who can direct and use those who do not know me by my name for the glory of my will and my purpose.  Much unrest will arise in the lands and the justification that men will be looking and seeking and working towards will not be achieved if not done in my name. No it will not be attainable for the hearts of men must be renewed and reborn. They call on my name but hear me not, they inquire of me and is given false information concerning me, have I sent them, did they even hear my voice, no I did not speak to them and have not advance their cause. Even early in the morning they seek me and find me not, for there is a grave intent in the heart that does not represent my cause in the earth.

Many are unhappy in the land and many are seeking to understand where they fit in for there is no recognition of the country that lies before them but I am the Lord and I will use whomsoever I want to use for the purposes of that which I please. Wars will erupt within the European Nations and America will be its defense. I will erect a strategic plan within the government and I will allow men and women to work together for the common good for my people.  Prophecy will not be rescinded from those who want to dictate change for I have a place for America to play and a place for China, for Russia and other adjoining nations to take the lead with the nation of my choice. 

There will be a strong condemnation coming out from the African officials against uprisings that are going to take place in the coming months for the betterment of lives. A new war within this nation will be erected and many lives will be loss for the people will rebel against the evil in the land and take matters into their own hands. My people must repent and turn from their wickedness and I will hear and deliver them all for I am their God.

A new re-valuation will be implemented into the House of Representatives for a re-invite from the people and it will find favorable response among those of the Senate for congress to make crucial decisions for the benefit of the people. This is a time when I will allow my people’s voice to take the heights for democracy in this nation and I will grant them favor amidst their rivals for their messages must be heard. There will be an attempted coup in these United States of America, and it will be I the Lord God Almighty who by my hand will allow it to be brought down and expose it and destroy those connected to its origin. This conspiracy will be revealed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States will be in demand as I open doors for answers to different diseases to come forth. Their new techniques will allow many ease of comfort for my people. Be still and know that I am your God and I will be with you always. An exceptional deal will be striked up for my people and I will allow benefits to come instead of antagonism. Do not be afraid for I am allowing these things to take place for you and to grant you your heart’s desire.  A new wave of news reporting will take place in the land and as time progress this will have a crippling effect in this nation. Expect to see more demonstration from heartfelt cries in the streets for unhappiness will increase and dreams demoralized. Hope will not be lost but rediscovered for the first time in many instances to come.

Scandals will erupt and emerge and bring with it much discredit on behalf of individual/s that will be named. Know this is of me says God for I will ordain its exposure for the betterment of my people. Corruption will be on the take in the states of Wisconsin and Texas and a change to laws and government will have immeasurable circumstances for those in Leadership in the states of California and North and South Carolina.  America has decided but I am in control of it all. The prayers of the saints are being heard and answered says God and my wrath will be sustained yet for another season for there is a greater plan in store for my will to be established; and I will allow my plans when the time has come to have immediate effect in the places that I will designate for the welfare of all my people.

The global warning has been issued and men have turn their backs, and not believe but I will reposition them to handle its impact and will remind them that I am the creator, it is I the Lord God Almighty, the incoming voice speaking into the hearts of my people. I will allow those in authority to design, model and reveal that my hand can be stayed. Pray for those in authority as I have always instructed you in my Word, for a nation that is dying must be more so uplifted without doubt or fear and a passion that will be justified before all.  Events shall begin taking place one after the other in this nation and certain foods will begin to be unavailable for usage. This is not of me says God, but men that are doing everything that they can to bring about chaotic circumstances that are unreal and destructive in nature. I your God have seen it and will make my people to be ahead of each determined plans. Belief will not be embraced by all, but I will touch the hearts of my people to be alert and to trust and have faith in their God.

The Nation of Egypt will suffer an attack of terror and children will be the target of the evil one. Arise and intercede and seek my face for I will protect and guide for they are mine and their existence is from generation to generation. The Joshua generation will not be limited to one nation but to all nations over the world and I will raise up a Military Preparation from this Nation to symbolize my purpose to other nations afar for future wars that surely is to come and in this preparation, I will not allow America to lead in a war path for she shall be salient before me but I will bring the necessary players towards the lineup for my Word to be performed in the earth.  Catastrophic disasters will increase within the next years of 2017 and 2018, again man thinks they are in control but my creation has surmount the test of time, time and time again and it will continue to be this way until man has learned that they are not the Creator but rather the instrument of my handiwork in the earth. I will raise up messengers in the lands here and abroad that will speak on my behalf and they will not lend themselves to others but rather to me for I will speak through them for the dominance of those that will cry out to me and will hear and obey my voice so that understanding can come to them.

The year of change and progress will speak and perform even in the midst of a lack of courage that has entered the lands. Leaders will find it hard to empower my Word for the discrepancies will climaxed itself within the church and many will rebel and move around for their own self satisfaction. This too I will expose and many will stand in awe as to the state of the church and its people. They have chosen a vain thing that will not last and is of no use to them. They all shall be exposed in their treachery and I will protect the ears of the hearers that they will not be influenced for error in the season I have provided for each and every one of them.  My Leaders have comprised my Word to the detrimental of those who long to hear my Word. There shall none of my Word be prolonged anymore but the Word that I have spoken shall be done. Preach my word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and the doctrine of Jesus Christ. This is a time that I will judge the elects and chastise their spirit for the sake of the Kingdom for the time has not yet come for the full manifestation of my Word to them that shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Imaginable sightings will take place in the skies and some things will marvel even the occult movement in the lands as they lend to take accreditation from their God but One by one they will be drawn out of their habitant surroundings so they can be openly discovered: and who shall stop the Lord Almighty, I am the God of heavens and God of the earth and there is none other than me. I will reveal and I will destroy the works of their hands.  The imbalances within the world will allow increases of child Pornography to arise and children will be in the headlines within the coming years. My intercessors must arise and seek my face in this hour like never before for the nations are in a place of contention and demise. I will save and I will change hearts that seek my face and repent and turn away and renounce their sins to the honor and glory of my name.

Russia will strike up a deal within the Geneva Council that will have a negative influence on the nations at large. This influence shall be at the hands of a corruptive move that will arise suspicion in this nation and its allies. I am positioning in this season so study my Word Saints of God and look for these events of time. Man is never limited to do error but rather in the days and months ahead they will try to officiate lots of irregular decisions that will have serious consequences for the rise of other nations to fall in line with prophetic declarations. I shall surely bring these things to pass says the Lord.  

The allegiance that is gaining momentum in these nations of Russia/Israel/Africa/North Korea will stir up their bases for injustices to arise in this nation. This move in turn will allow other leaders to be at the mercy of embracing various changes of events that will impact the nation of America. But I will protect this nation and allow them not to comply and they will condense this movement. Is it not I the Lord that has done this? Know this day it is I. America is mine to lead and destroy and those who believe they are in charge is not in charge. I have willed it and it shall be done according to measure of my mercy, for surely the ways of my people has motioned this in the direction of the Lord.

A massive earthquake will hit the peninsula of Ethiopia giving an impact to neighboring Yemen & Saudi Arabia. There will be much panic and many will try to leave and will not be able to. The Middle East will continue to be in an uproar and many deaths will continue to arise as unrest breeds mistrust and revenge, but I will lift my hand to save my called out ones from among the lost and destitute that is fleeing from its grip. See my mighty hand at work for I will have mercy on whomsoever I desire to have mercy on for the welfare of my called out people.  Europe will suffer massive mishaps in the coming months and years and their security shall be tested and tried. I will save and I will deliver. 

A leader will try to emerge itself in the European NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Union, know this is not of my doing for I have not ordained this move and many will be drawn into its traps and it will not last but crash in its early movement.  Turkey will begin to engage in more aggressive moves within their own government and will put up a resistance against America like never before seen.  There will be much undercuts and withholding of information that will backfire upon them both socially and economically.  A prominent figure will be called home from the nation of Rome, Italy.

Man made fires will increase in this nation and diseases will arise in numerous states as disastrous events takes place in unexplainable fashion leading the pathway for much unrest against the current administration. I will lead and I will head says God and I will not fail my people and the children shall be with me always says God.

Be aware of these things my children and keep in prayer before me, for I will surely answer you. My church must arise and address the evil in the lands, voices must be heard and they must be allowed and they must teach my people to stand strong in the midst of controversies. Strength will arise upon those who seek my face and fear not, for what is to be revealed will be revealed. I will allow by chosen leaders to continue to encourage the hearts of my people and I will visit you and speak to you so when you gather in my presence in the midst of the congregation I will reveal my plans and purpose for your lives. Surely these things shall come to pass as I have spoken this day.

Do not lose heart but rather let your Spirit arise in me and look to me through the power of my Holy Spirit for I will guide you. Look not back at the past but move forward and allow me to guide you as I have always desire to do. This is your year for promotion, this is your year for your transition and this is your year for growth shall indeed come. The things that you were waiting for is at hand and I will instruct you and protect you so that none shall exploit you in this season for your manifestation has indeed come and it is of me says the Lord.

The Word of the Lord

 Received January 1, 2017

 Apostle Helen Mayers



“The Year for Supernatural Blessings”


To get the message my people must be prepared to attend diligently and follow all my instructions for the purpose of fulfillment and ingredient which is needed. There is much expulsion in the earth but know that the heavens have declared it’s righteousness over your life today and right now is awarding you for a job well done.

The trials and disappointments are real in my people’s life and the aggregation of your Ministry has felt the blasts of the disenchanted one who is tirelessly looking for ways to bring harm and endangerment to your walk in the earth.

I will bring forth stronger Ecclesiastical messages which will come forth from men and women in the land and over the nations of the world; and all these will lead to a higher level of faithfulness in the lands for my use. The earth is tied in on an engagement from words of doom that has been spoken over my people but know this day that I your God will move against all plots, schemes and devices and intense security will be administered to you and your loved ones for my divine will and protection.

Integument is the natural covering of an organism or an organ, such

as its skin, husk, shell, or rind. It derives from integumentum, which means "a covering" in Latin.

The atmosphere has an integument covering with an unknown force that is not only present for discovery but for intentions not of me says God. Though this process for change that is being negotiated against my people have been embraced by its false images and ritualistic behavior in nature, some will see through it and recognized that my glory is not attached to this source and stand up against it.

Conflicts and contention will emasculate itself more and more in the land and there will be a major shift in atmospheric governance and penetration that is present in the nation, for Hope is crying out for many and bleeding hearts will overcome many changes in their walk with me. I will promote those that have been rejected and I will accredit the lives of the discipline one's for my use and purpose, so that they can teach and empower my people towards a consistent pathway in their lives.

This is the year that I will lead my Prophets into greatness and will give an account for their diligent work and sacrifices. And I will reward and anoint them more and more so that my will, will be performed with much much signs and wonders from above. No longer will they be ridiculed for the pleasure of man’s lifestyle and disdain but they will be rewarded in this season for the enabling power of my Glory. A higher dimension they will journey in and only those that will adhere to the Words that I will put in their mouths will be successful.

The devastation that you fear will only lose its grip by your ability to maintain your focus on me and willfully losing grip will only bring a barrage of severe problems and concerns over your life. Come into my court and receive from me, hear and obey my leaders and let them instruct you in the way you should go. Never lose faith that I am not with you and I will not see you through as I will guide you into the things concerning me.

A grieving will take place in the land for a notable, distinguish and high ranking person with political attachments and there will be a sadness experienced by all associated with their life.

Look for a new awaking in the Nations of the world regarding children as they will begin to invent and instruct in the things that are so unthinkable. My hand is upon each child in the things that they will create and they will inspire the world with the knowledge and intelligence that will separate them from others.

In the East European Plain, the Capital of Russia, Moscow will find itself in a place of breach and an emergency will evolve in that Nation that will involve key leaderships and will bring forth one of the biggest conspiracy in the 20th century. Names will be named and exposures will be confirmed by an undercover group of no name. Within this exposure I have allowed confinement to be revealed. Know that this is of me and I will rescue the entrapped ones that have been crying out to me for freedom.

A major upset in the Radio Broadcasting environment that will leave many disenchanted and even upset. The warnings of the Lord are sure and my people must be ready to bear the responsibility of the tasks that I have allocated to them. Let not fear and insecurities keep you motionless says the Lord and receive the teachings and instructions and trust those that I have placed in your life to lead you.

In this economy your outcome is already established for growth and prosperity. I am bringing forth blessings to things that have been tied up and I am bringing closure to the much outstanding imbalances and unrest in the earth that will allow my chosen people to not feel the justification of my wrath.

The Railway Industry will suffer a massive boycott within its establishment and losses will go up into the Billions. For my reserve has been altered and great thievery will be discovered. Exposures will be investigated and I will bring to justice those that are attached to this Industry.

Bear the brunt my people for there shall be much chaos and confusion within the course of this year and many more unrests will be revealed.

Industrious talents shall arise in the earth and production will produce millions of job for those crying out for change. For indeed this is a time when even China will engage in a massive evacuation around its borders and defiance will produce economic hardships for the occupants living there.

A clause in the Nobel Peace Prize will be amended to its listing and many will stand in awe at its content for I will place it within the hands of the diligent ones and will open their hearts for much dialogue to commence its introduction within the Nations of the world.

Look to the Nations of Bangladesh, Turkey and Japan which will suffer major catastrophic devastations amidst fore-warning from various sources in their varied Nations. The people will be very adamant in disallowing any such threat exists or can and even will exist within its borders and this will lead to much chaos and confusion for stability to be effective.

A new Law will be implemented in London regarding changes to its residency and many will be disdain by the presence of that Law, for it will be the forerunner of many other Nations that will follow after this Law and even implement some of them into their own laws. I will associate the people and will bring comfort to many in their quest for a better life, and in the interim reveal the distorting facts in the process.

The oil Industry will rise to its peak within the years 2016 – 2018 and create massive increase to the US Government but look for a commonwealth overthrowing that will attach itself to this growth. How long will my people fuss and fight for the wealth of the Land, Don’t you know I am the one who laid it up for you. Cease from your greed and disembark from it, for it is I the Lord who makes you rich in the season that I have assigned to you.

Leaders teach my people and help them to excel within your congregation. Let not the names assigned to your name change your ability to not empower the people to excel. The governing authority is me and by me and all things are established all for the honor and glory of my name. I have seen the pain and disappointment over the lives of my people and my heart is saddened of the lack for teaching that is not lent to the changes that I require for my people to embrace.

All that is needed is given and I will double my anointing for the growth and development of my people and fear will not take predominance over the activities ordained by me. I will renew hearts and I will instruct those that are called by me and I will separate them unto me and they shall be obedient to the call and carry the message from my heart. This year (2016) changes will be eminent and promotion will be curtailed to the honor and glory of my name for growth has been stunted and a lack of development have plagued my Sanctuary. My people lie in ruins and capitalization is far from being achieved.

Supernatural blessings are coming my people so do not lose hope and do not believe that your God has forgotten you for the things you need I will provide and the things that are in my will for you I will also provide. Do not be weary in well doing for in due season you will receive. Believe in my Word.

Once again my Commandments will be honored in this Nation and changes are taking immediate effect right now for its total penetration within the Institutions of this great Nation.

There shall come from the North an army of the Lord and much prayer is require from my people. This will be a time for much supplication and crying out over current affairs affecting this Nation for danger is not coming but it is already here in the land, however it is creeping its way into an existence but know this day that it’s life will be short lived, for the technologies and the infrastructures that I have placed in the hands of those in authority will defeat its ability to thrive.

As this time has bloom I will raise up faithful men and women of the faith to have dialogue with officials of Government to boldly speak out against its destruction. This is a time to boldly take the message to those elected to serve in this Nation and to lend that voice as to the many cries of the nation at hand. This is not a time for show of one’s self but rather a time for much wisdom. The Church will take back its rightful place in the land and I will move mightily upon my people and grant them energetic power from on high, and will give them the speech of the wise, that when they speak lives will be change and Nations will respond. This is my will and this is my desire for my chosen ones.

America will lead the coalition to defeat Isis and its leader will be defeated, and it will not be by America’s strategy as much as the Iraqis themselves; for his own people will sell him out and he will be made to become an open show as their customs will apply to the ruling of his endangered and menacing life. Evil must be allowed to increase in this season and I will protect my people from its destruction, for I am the Lord your God.

Go brave Intercessors for I am hearing your prayers and intercession for this Nation. This Nation will be governed by a stronger power and willingness for peace to give way to a very troubled and dying world.

The pain of sorrow will continue in the Middle East and much prayer is needed for Israel who will experience another surprise intervention by one of its enemies, Hamas (Palestinian) movement. Again they will not be victorious against my chosen people Israel, for I will intervene and stop their hand of destruction and annihilation that they have premeditated for my people.

This is the year that I will open many favorable doors for my people amidst the torrent affairs of this Nation, so that dreams will be answered and life will become contented. Leave off not what should be done for leisure and relaxation as I have released tremendous blessings to show forth my Glory in the land to those that believe.

The Word of the Lord

 Received January 1, 2016

 Apostle Helen Mayers




Watching and Praying is and always will be the immediate and effective way for my people. Do not get caught up in the now but be a people that is strategic in your walk with me. Always be guided by the Spirit of the Lord in all matters for I will bring forth the balances that are needed for your continued growth in the Land. The need to hear my voice has been a concern for many. Do not try to connect my voice to that of others for you will not hear and obey your God; for even now I am releasing the sound of Heaven over your life to sustain you so that you can hear without a compromise. And yes, many have compromise with my voice and substituted a pattern of behavior that is not of me and does not represent my statutes as a whole. This is a time for much attention to detail, to govern your thoughts and not just a trend of pattern in disguise that does not characterize with your God.

My people are concern not about me but about what is appeasing to them and have thrown away my words and substitute it for their own. Failures are in the Land for leaders as there is much anxiousness and instability among my people like never before. Many have turned their backs on some of my leaders and have dealt unfairly with their word of advice and some are not truly seeking my face as they should. Surely it is I that has done them good and it is I that has increase the labors of their hands, yet many have placed themselves instead of me and have taken my glory and defy their God. Exposures will increase for I will expose them all, for indeed many have been warned by my Prophets yet they have not adhered to my words spoken through them.

Know this day I will bring my people to a halt and I will allow the patterns for their life to become dormant and dilapidated for they have not obeyed the voice of their God. To this many have settled for a onetime event and have not begun to embrace my Will for their lives. Tell my people to be aware of the signs of the times, watch and pray like never before so that you do not be drawn away in error and to be aware of the voices they are giving consideration too.

It is my word that brings life to my people. It is my word that sets the captives free. It is my word that will lift the faith of my chosen ones and yet my word has been compromised for selfish and egotistical gains that leave my people in pain and much agony.

The years ahead are going to be treacherous and more difficult for many, so I am forewarning you my people to be of sound discipline. Ask for my wisdom at all times and watch on the wall like never before. Never giving up but standing strong and never finding yourself in a place of defeat. Know that I your God am with you to bring you through victoriously. An army of Encouragers shall arise from the four corners of the earth and a climax shall take place over the life of my people so that they can be strengthened in their belief and faith in their God. This will give way to much achievement that will supersede breakthroughs on their behalf.

Disasters shall continue to come forth from the Middle East until my Will is established and true repentance is made from the hearts of the people. Look toward the City of Jordan, the Nations of Asia, the States of San Francisco and Utah, for you shall surely see the handiwork of the Lord and will know that God has spoken. Within the Nation of Jordan, the Jordanians shall arise at this time and shall show forth much wonderful and glorious faith in this hour and many shall look and observe the relationship that God has bestowed upon their lives.

I have not forgotten my people and I will remember the good that my people have displayed throughout the years of their calling. My purpose will not be dismantled in their lives and I will bring reassurance to those that are leading the Nations of the world, that they can and must acknowledge the one true and Living God.

The offset of raging fires will arise in the land and destroy buildings and dwelling homes and many lives will be distraught. Greed and disharmony will be in motion and the darkness will eventually consume the hearts of many for wrong doing. I am the Lord your God and by me and only through me will lives be saved. Pray for the peace in the lands and put me back in the hearts of the people. There is a great work to be done and I am still looking for faithful servants to execute my plans in the earth.

There is turbulence and a shaking for my truth in the Lands for my name will be proclaimed in the earth, for much health benefits will arise and the Economy will come to a place of discovery. Many will try to take the credit of that discovery, but I will not allow them to do so for I will place it in the hand of the one that I have called to lead this Nation.

The protests in this Nation have just begun and this new generation that I am calling will move forward for social change and my cause to be established in the earth. For so long my people have been suppressed and disenchanted and their pleas have come up to me and I will raise up the power of voice in this season to address each one of their concern. More and more it will come forth until what is broken is fixed and freedom can be experience for all as it should be since the beginning of time.

Medical breakthroughs shall come on board and cures will be revealed. This will be a time for great celebration and ease in the lands and many will be delivered and healed in the process. The cloud of my glory shall beam over the gatherings of my people and my Shekinah Glory shall set hearts ablaze that are yielding towards their God. Be not afraid my people and let not your heart be troubled for even when this is imminent, a sadistic type of behavior will appear and spring forth it's ugly head and it will bring fear and discouragement among my people. Remember my words and stand in belief and do not despair for I am your God and nothing shall stand against you to bring harm or to destroy you.

Have not my word been revealed to you that the blind shall see. Miracles are on the way to those that have been blinded and many shall stand and marvel at my works; and yet there will be many who choose not to believe; But you my chosen ones so lift up your faith and I will never disappoint you for you would of dared to trust in your God.

Keep your eyes upon the Courts in the Land and those who have loved ones behind prison bars will receive wonderful news from the Lord your God. For it will be that I have reprove them and my anger has gone over them but for a little while and I will grant them pardon. Cases upon cases will be exhumed and freedom shall be discovered for many. Those that have lost homes due to legal battles will begin to see an explosion beginning to take place over the Lands, Immigration will move forward for many, Wills and Testaments will move forward. Look and see what your God has done and know that I have heard your cries and have released favor upon your lives for these releases.

In times past by I have used nations to offset nations for my Divine purpose and I will continue to do so with many more. My people will be established for the greater reward of my purpose. What is done in the dark will be revealed in the light. Humongous storms are coming and prayers for the Nation of Haiti are much required. Devastation is not yet far off from them.

A vast amount of un-solved crimes will begin take place and the symbol of the “PENTAGRAM" (5 star) will be prevalent around many of them. Pray against the evil in the Land and release my words in the atmosphere around your homes, jobs, children and family members. Intercessors arise and call the dark, dark and the light, light for though I work in both of them, the Light must always expose the darkness over this Nation.

Read the book of "Jeremiah" in this hour, for some of the Prophesies written shall be revealed within this year. Look for it my people. Look and observe always.

Entrepreneurs this is your year. If ever there was a time for you it is right now! You shall be very successful in this season and I will establish my purpose in you like never before. Two prominent man and woman from the society of this Nation will be called home during the course of this year due to ill health. This is their time to be in glory.

2015 shall be called the “year of the Incredible” for indeed incredible things shall take place and you shall be a witness to all these things and you shall know it is your God that has spoken of these things. Sadness is about to hit into the Royal Family and the Nation of England shall change some of its Rule of Governance. This will allow the Nation to advance in some areas of its leadership.

Uprising in the Middle East will continue and I will allow the Land to continue to be a threat to herself for her own destruction. The group Isis will surface itself in the Land and to some it will be for a defeat and to others it will be for a victory. This uprising will not have any diversity in this Nation of America and watch and see how I will allow its roots of evil to be exposed. Watch to see the Leader in his demise, for indeed this Nation will have her way for such a time of this destruction. America will not be ill advised towards this treat, for there are many false witnesses that have gone forward and made false reports to fight a cause of their own.

I will speak into the heart of the Leader of this Nation myself and I will guide him through my wisdom to lead and to discover these things as I will reveal them to him. Indeed the prayers of the saints are tremendous for this leader, his Officials and his Administration and I will answer them says the Lord, for it is good and there is no hidden agenda attached to them.

There will be a closer attachment between the heads of Government in this Nation and my peace will consume many that have been rebellious attending to their own agendas for their own glory. Transparency will be exemplified and truth will be engaged for the development of all my people. Laws will be implemented and they will work for the good of all the people dwelling in the land.

The Word of the Lord

 Received January 1, 2015

 Apostle Helen Mayers




Gaps are going to penetrate the economy even more and more and my people's faith will be tested more than ever before. Do not lose hope and know that your God is with you and will not forsake you. Keep a close look on the oceans of the world for my wrath you shall surely see. Oh if my people will only believe the signs that are at hand, this is a time of strong faith in your God.

My people will not be sucked into the affairs that are holding this Nation captive. And captive she shall be until my Intercessors arise and hear my voice. For I have set authority in the land for my purpose. My priests, my called out ones, will testify more than ever. Know this my people; my timing is not yours neither are your seasons mine! I will bless your homes, your businesses, your children and establish your visions for this is a time for leaning upon the helpers that I have placed into your lives for such a time. Those who will not conform will not benefit but the spirit of pride will be your guide instead of that of your God.

Salvation will come to many households, and debt cancellation will be a topic of discussion for many of my people. Many of my people have sown in the spirit of their love and they are going to be openly rewarded by my hand. Many have adhered to my voice through that of my prophets and I will have them as examples in the earth so that all can see and know that I have appointed them in the earth to reveal my glory. Know this my people, your seed-time has not gone un-noticed. Keep a watchful eye on your Bank accounts and look at your wages and know that it is the hand of the Lord that has done this thing for you!

Many have asked for an outpouring, many have given false hope to my people and the outpouring has never come in the fullness of who I am, but know this, a new outpouring will arise in the houses that are built after my name and I will allow salvation to multiply itself more than ever because my people over the years have been lead astray. I will put it into the hands of those that hear my voice and obey.

Leaders know this day that I your God have seen all your planning and your embezzlement of my finances and the word of comfort which have not left your mouth over the lives of my people. I will send forth a new spring aroma that will bring my people into a place where their self sacrifice will no longer go un-noticed and they will bow and worship and honor me like never before. Look for it my children, keep your eyes upon me, adhere to my word and do my will.

I will allow a church to arise itself out of many great churches and many will rush to see and experience my glory like never before. Signs and wonders I will let multiply itself and many will be healed and be delivered. This church will attract many other churches and the wonderment of my glory will befall upon the people and this nation will experience this new move.

Within the Educational arena, a new Curriculum will come on board and some schools will put my Commandments back into its rightful place of governance. The broken wall will be rebuild by a group that I will originate in this land, for the model will birth forth from this State and others will take notice and follow suit, but many will not conform to this change.

Controversies will erupt within the White House in abundance and its plan is to discredit the Leader of this Nation and his leadership. As he makes his way to depart to some it is crucial for him to leave in a highly discredited manner, but I will allow a backfire of events within the proceeding time to expose those that are responsible and bring them to open shame. As this unfolds look and see the series of resignations that will manifest and will marvel the nation as a whole! Know when this has arisen it is of me.

There is a denture in the earth's atmosphere and a great earthquake will hit a Nation from the East and many will fall on their knees and call upon other Gods but I will arrest their hearts and spirit and they will know that I am the only true and living God! My presence will be made known in the bosom of my people.

Unrest will continue to push forward in the Middle East and loss of lives will be imminent. Pray for my people like never before, for the land is abused by her own default! A Healing march will mount forward in this Nation and cover the land with prayers and goodwill. Blessed is the man who attaches himself to this great move: For an assassination will fail in the land and it will be because of the strong prayers being ushered up in this nation for those in authority. Indeed my will shall be done. So be strong my people, for I your God, I am hearing your cries for this Nation that is under my watch.

New developments will arise in the Ethiopia peninsula that will astonish the world in gripping fear. The ultimate plan for the nation will be the economy at hand, a plan which will be awarded to a young child (a boy) but it will be ignored by those of authority because of their mindset and their willingness not to obey. Doubt and pride will apprehend them and not allow them to alert the people of interest to its findings. See what I the Lord will do and how I will expose their hearts to walk in the obedience of the Lord.

The word of the Lord

Received January 1, 2014

Apostle Helen Mayers





There is a void in the atmosphere and I am going to fill it with my glory and my instructions. The enemy has filled this void, and frustrate my people, but know that he has been reprimanded for the work I am declaring over my people tonight.

I have placed my walls for protection around the lives of my people for yet there are those that hesitate when I say go. Lift up thyself and be not afraid. This year is the year I have marked for you to be overcomers  Not only of situations but from others that have suppressed you and reviled against you. They think they have succeeded and is setting traps even as I speak for you, but know that they shall be revealed from out of their hiding spots. They shall be exposed because this is the season for retribution. No longer will my people be held back. I am redirecting the causes and effects done to you so that you can stand and believe in your God, surrender your life and hearts to me and allow me to take hold. You let go and let me have your life and situations. You come to me but your faith has not come with you. Lift up your faith and believe.

The land is of a dusty mire says God and I will clean it up and bring it to a conducive manner for my people. This is not a time to speculate but it is a time for movement. Move from the spot you are in and enter into my presence for my instructions are awaiting you there.  This is the year that this Nation and Nations beyond will see my hand move in situations and even then my people will not believe, forever the bridges shall not even hold my people for they are only made of man's hand and updated for exploitation. But know this day that even the bridges shall come down and the passable shall be impossible, because I am redirecting, I am re-instructing, I am re-building the fallen things in the earth. Are not my people among the broken items in the earth? My leaders have fallen, those that I have instructed to lead have fallen again under the curse of the law. 

There is a strong intent in the earth and its course is a course of destruction but know that intent is of me says the Lord. For I will no longer be attributed to man's laws and man's findings. There shall be no re-creation in my name says the Lord. Let the intent shake the earth and my people who are called by me so that all will stand in awe as to who the Lord thy God is and what I will tolerate.  Let hearts be right before me for I am holding my intent to your charge. This is my new charge to those that have defiled me, go and take back up my instructions and rebuild or I will destroy what you build and rebuild for you. Establish back my order in your homes and execute my righteousness back in your dwelling places. Desecrate no longer my Sanctuaries for I will destroy them all says the Lord. See this very hour how I will mobilize my prophets whom I have called to visit your Sanctuaries and how I have empower them to speak on my behalf. And I will put a Hezekiah anointing upon them so that they will smash your alters and erect new alters for my glory to flow through for my people. Then you will know that I the lord had done this thing for you.

For my anointing is coming this year of 2013 in a double portion of newness and the yolks of my people will be no more. Watch for my display among the heathens. Nations that give not honor to my name but honor other Gods, I will take my people from among them and I will deliver them. Look at the Middle east, India & China. This is the year of retribution. Look at the nations of the world my children my salvation is not limited to this land alone nut to the 4 corners of the earth. See what the Lord is about to do. See the nations that will come forward and declare me as Lord and acknowledge me for they are all my people.

There is going to be a great Evangelical Movement coming out from the 3rd world countries and they will gather in this nation and they will have a voice that I will give unto them and they will transform my people's lives. And the nations of the Caribbean shall come forward and their voice shall join in with that of the saints of God and a massive deliverance shall take place and it will cause the on looking nations around to tremble for they will know that it is of me and not the electables that have taken credit for my glory in the Land.

The voice of the Lord is in the earth and they shall carry my causes and concerns and I will aligned them with power from on high and watch and see the signs and wonders that they will perform. Prepare thyself for this move for it shall surely come. And there shall be no monetary value attach to it because it shall be of me and it shall go forth, it shall not be stopped and it shall not be interfered with. For yet there are those that are not of me that is already alert in the atmosphere to destroy it but know this very night that the forces of hell shall not prevail against it, for it is of me and it shall stand.  New families will be added and born in the land. Those that couldn't bear children will bring forth in this season. Wombs that have been closed I will open and show my people that I have favored them, for even though we are in the last days, these signs, times and wonders are still in my hands to perform.

Large institutions will feel my wrath. Demolitions are on the way. Miracles are on the way. New beginnings are on the way. The wayward will return. The blind will see. The prodigal sons are coming home. Marriages will be restored. This year and season of my people will be meaningful, for what I have restored no man can condemned. Work have to show thyself approved.  For with restoration come responsibility and with responsibility comes the victory!  I have set it so this day.  A new move of my anointing will hit my churches that are surrendered to me. You have boxed in my anointing and lay your claimant upon it, but I will remove your hand from upon it because it cannot be held in a box. My anointing will increase to those that are ready to pay the price for it.

There will be a sharp move of my young people in the land and they will be strong and poised in the spirit. They will seek me and will be able to hear my voice and obey. This movement will fall upon many and a worldwide organization will be formed and develop and go forth and multiply and increase because I have willed it to be so. Looked at my fortified walls - who will mend them? Look at my people who will teach them? Move away from your agendas and take back the agenda of the Lord and I will make you a model of models - Do not be dismayed for violence shall increase, disorder shall come forth, intolerance shall arise but know that I am in the midst of it all! Have no fear, but arise men and woman of God. Take up the challenge speak to your God, here my instructions and obey the voice of the living God.

Look up, stand assured, the times are short and even hard at times but this have been said to you, you are aware of this, so do not lose hope, do not falter but be strong in me.  Conglomerate companies shall hit rock bottom and cease to exist! - Look for this sign. The earth is crying out to me, I can hear my people's cry and I have already intercept! - This is the year of retribution - Look for things that you have lost returning to your bosom  Those that have spoken words over your life, family and children will return upon their own bosoms.  What have been denied from you I will raise up another to take its place. My shift has already started: Some churches will find that they have been demoted by my hand because of their own agendas.  Jobs will be in a turmoil - yet I will grant my people success.  Unexplained injustices will proceed to take place, yet I will protect my people. 

Miracles will take place as I pour my new anointing of my selected choices over my people.  A well known man of the faith I will call home to be with me.  A cure for a major sickness I will reveal and it shall come forth as a mighty rushing wind from the four corners of the earth. Look for it my people. Those that are in hiding shall come forth to the front with testimonies of the goodness of me. Coma victims shall arise! Look for my signs my people. A man made disease will try to up-rise itself in the earth but look and see what I the Lord God will do.

Be vigilant my people - stand firm - persecution will always be among you, but know this, that this year is marked by heaven and earth " The year of Retribution" for my people. And know that you are not alone for I have raised up my true prophets, who will join in forces with you for such a glorious time in the earth. My bold ones, those that are without compromise, that will speak my word forth without fear and trembling. Look for my true prophets - you will know because I will allow them to speak to the nations and the accuracy of their words shall be established and proclaimed in the earth and miracles shall befall them and they shall be protected by me and shall do only what I have instructed them to do, because they are mine! they belong to me! man cannot rule over them! neither can man understand them! because I have set it to be so.

The word of the Lord!

Received January 1, 2013

Apostle Helen Mayers




"The Year Of Faith"










Received January 5, 2012

Apostle Helen Mayers


Always - Kristian Stanfill (Live)
Mp3 Songs



My foes are many, they rise against me
But I will hold my ground
I will not fear the war, I will not fear the storm
My help is on the way, my help is on the way

Oh, my God, He will not delay
My refuge and strength always
I will not fear, His promise is true
My God will come through always, always

Troubles surround me, chaos abounding
My soul will rest in You
I will not fear the war, I will not fear the storm
My help is on the way, my help is on the way


                     Oh, my God, He will not delay
My refuge and strength always
I will not fear, His promise is true
My God will come through always, always

         I lift my eyes up, my help comes from the Lord
I lift my eyes up, my help comes from the Lord
I lift my eyes up, my help comes from the Lord
I lift my eyes up, my help comes from the Lord
From You Lord, from You Lord

                    Oh, my God, He will not delay
My refuge and strength always
I will not fear, His promise is true
My God will come through always, always

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